This Is The Time When Things Are Gloriously Passing Away

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This is the time when things are gloriously passing away.
You look around, the trees, especially, look so beautiful.
The oranges and reds and yellows burning into the blues of sky.
It's a glorious display of the leading edge of their creativity,
All they could be, this year.
A hint of how they will become more beautiful, more biting, more stunning next year.
Now they must sleep, they must regroup.
They must store up the energy that will blind forth next spring,
In the eruption of creation.

You here, you tend to fear this time of rest, of building,
This time when all outward indications belie inactivity.

I am here to tell you that this time of building is the most important time of your life.

Do not fear it, as you have been taught.
Do not avoid it, as you so often do.
Embrace it.
There is no danger.
Am I not here cradling you in my arms?
Am I not standing at the end of your bed looking down upon you as you sleep?
Am I not keeping you safe and making sure you are not disturbed?

In this time of the year,
When things are gloriously passing away,
When the newness of creation is quickening inside of you,
It is time to approach the stillness.

Quiet you frantic mind,
And interrupt your stumbling steps away from unknowing.
Instead turn with me and walk gently and courageously into the darkness.

The crisp light of autumn slowly fades,
Colors of the rainbow in reverse,
As we walk closer.
Yellow then orange then deep reds surround us.
Light into dark, through a prism.
Finally the deep indigo of crescent moonlight fades to black.

We take one step and then another.
You may take my arm,
You may walk behind me looking over my shoulder,
You may hold onto my clothing like a small child.
Do as you wish.
We are one, you and I.
Our love bridges all gaps in this earth.
So walk with me, one step after another into the gathered darkness.
Feel the smoothness of it, as it covers your shoulders.
Feel the warmth, feel the quiet, feel my hand in yours.
Now feel the soft earth beneath your feet.
Feel you pupils opening wide.
Looking for light.

But light is not here.
All here is darkness.
Shades of black.
Sit here with me.
Sit down on this soft dry earth.
You may touch me, you may continue to hold my hand,
You may press your head against mine.
All is well here, all is safe.
I am with you and there is no harm in this.
Accustom yourself to these feelings.
Move the fear away.
No harm can come to you here.

Feel yourself.
Nestled in this absence of sound and light.
Feel your arms and legs vibrate with life.
Feel the steady rhythm of your breath and blood.
Feel the spark of life inside you.
Feel the power that is your being.
Feel the tide of emotion that is your understanding.
Feel all of this keenly in the sharp relief of darkness.
Feel what it is that is you.
Feel your spirit, an ember glowing strongly in the core of you.

Reach your hands inside and pull the ember out.
Hold it before your eyes.
Note how the ember does not burn your palms.
Note how it illuminates our faces.
Note how it sheds a soft red glow that outlines our bodies
Here in the softness of the darkness.

Look at this energy you hold.
Look at this essence of you.
Look deeply into it.

Moving reds, black, grays and maybe even some electric blues.
In this ember is all that you will become in the coming months.
Yes, look at it with growing curiosity and wonder.
This is the you and I that lives in you.
Hold this ember tenderly.
In it do you see the growing kindness of your actions?
Do you see the growing peace of mind?
Do you see the trust, the truth, the belonging that are yours to feel?
See this potential, all in the ember.

Now, look up at my eyes.
They are outlined in gentle orange.
See what love they hold?
This is what you will embrace.

Now slowly lift the ember to your lips.
Softly blow into it your breath of life.
Watch a tiny flame emerge.
This is the flame that will burn inside of you,
As your life, your potential, is coming into being.
Now place this burning ember back in your core and feel it warm your heart.
See the darkness blanket us again.

Do not be fearful.
Reach down and take my hand if you wish.
Sit with me in the darkness.

When you are ready you may stand and walk back the way we come.
I will walk next to you.
We are here together always
I am holding you, watching over you.
It's only here, in the darkness, that your newness can be perceived.
Only in the darkness.
So don't fear
It is here that you can best understand in the terms of your present existence.
It is where you and I may always meet.

Feel the soft ground under our feet.
Watch the gathering dawn on the horizon.
See how in the coming light I become transparent?
Feel how my hand in yours becomes less solid?
Hear how my voice becomes lacey and easily lost on the breeze?
But still I am here.
I am here in this gathering light.
You need only stretch your perception into the realm of belief and trust,
And know that I am here.

Now your surroundings brighten into the purple glow of early mornings.
Now the deep red of sunrise,
The orange of a new day's promise,
The yellow of wakening,
Until finally you stand in the scattered blue of autumn,
Blowing leaves rustling over the ground.

Feel the warmth in your core as the cool breeze brushes past.

Look at the beautiful earth as she settles down into sleep.
You are a part of this ageless return.
You are the one who colors these trees and skies and fields and stars.
You are the one who beckons the darkness.
You are the artist, the dreamer, the saint.
You are the one who delivers All That Is into new form.