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Streaming music playback is available by clicking the link below. This player plays several my songs that haven't been released on any albums. Field Recordings, music from 3rdmargaret's alone..., and the Music for Rital pages feature their own streaming or individual track players (see below). Selected tracks by Softsound, the band I was in during the 80s, has some selected tracks and downloads available on that page. The streaming audio player will open in a new window. This player will allow you to listen to my music as long as you keep that window open. You can continue to navigate my site via this window while the music plays.

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Song Lyrics

Read the lyrics and (in many cases) what the song brings up for me. I do think my understanding of the songs changes over time, so I update these pages as I feel compelled to do so. What you read here last may not be the same thing posted now.

You can access song lyrics and information by clicking here.


In 2011 Stephanie Lewis Robertson and I created a fabric and sound installation, The Infinite Moment of Now. The installation was in place at the Indianapolis Art Center in June and July of 2011. Click here to watch the introductory video on YouTube.

In 2012 I created an audio component for Sofiya Inger's installation, The Story Dome. The installation at the Indianapolis Art Center was open from December 2012 - January 2013 in the Basille Gallery. I created both an ambient soundscape (natural sounds) and a more personal audio experience available via headphones that were located within the dome (poetry in a variety of languages and music). Click here to watch a short video about the exhibition.

3rd margaret "alone..." CD cover  

3rd margaret

In the 1990s I began recording music under the name of 3rd margaret. This music addresses my spiritual journey, as a lesbian raised in a mainstream Protestant church. The songs I wrote while working as 3rd margaret are available on a streaming player on that section of the website..

Read about that portion of my experience and the 3rd margaret music here.

Music and Sound Downloads

Downloads are currently available for free, though I may change my mind about this without notice at anytime. Yep, that means you can download any of my songs or field recordings for your own personal use for free. If you want to use any of these in a public way, please contact me for permission. All of this material is copyrighted, and protected by copyright law. Just because I offer it here for free doesn't mean I am giving up these rights. Please be courteous.

Click here to access the download directory.

MicroTrack Field Recorder in Action  

Field Recordings

I love natural sounds, and enjoy recording sounds in the field. I've got a streaming player on my field recordings page so you can listen to a few of the sounds I've collected over the years or download them for your personal use. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

You can learn more and listen to some recordings here.

Music for Ritual

I have created music for use in spiritual ritual including background music and some guided meditations. On my Ritual Music page I talk about these recordings, offer some for streaming so you can listen to them.

Find out more about this work here.

Information About My Music

On the About My Music page you can read what I have to say about my music. I talk about how I understand what I do, why I compose, and what music can mean in this world.

Software - 1981  

Software - All female, all original 1980s rock and roll

In the 1980s I worked with a group of talented female musicians in the band, Software. We played and recorded original rock music. Women in the band included Kara Barnard, Susan Colin, Dianne Steinmetz, Tammy Decker and Julie Huffacre. We played at the National Women's Music Festival and around Indianapolis in the early 80s. I've archived some pictures and recordings on this page. Read more here.

Audio Engineering

I have worked extensively as an audio engineer specializing in the recording of acoustic sources, especially choral groups. My audio engineering company is Softsound.

Click here to visit the Softsound website in a new window to learn more.