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These audio files are for your personal use only. Before you use them for anything other than personal listening, please contact me for permission. Copyright notices are listed in the comment field of the ID3 tags. Most files are 3 - 6 megs. Field recordings can be much larger, size is listed. A fast connection is recommended for downloading music files.

Windows Users:
Right click on any of the links below. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" then navigate to the place you want to save the audio file and click the Save button.

Mac Users:
Hold down the alt/option key while you click on the file name. The file will be downloaded and saved (usually to your desktop).

Audio Files

Recent Recordings

A Name (now available on iTunes and
Don't Cry
(my cover of) Ferron's Testimony
At Her Table (now available on iTunes and
On the Surface
She Loved Him
Circle Dream (2008)
Sleep My Seed

3rd margaret - alone...

Enter In
No Tomorrow
Our Dreams
Do You Know
When Vision Becomes Light
Loved One
I Am The Fire
Circle Dream (1997)
Sing Your Loving
We Can Know Her (also available on iTunes and

Unreleased Music Archives

Dreamer Awake
I Just Can't Believe
Silent Sounds
Young Fighter

Software (All Female, All Original 80's Rock Band)

Haven't You Had Enough
Lonely Child
Plastic World
Someone Is Waiting
Trust In Me
You Are Everywhere

Field Recordings

Morgan Monroe State Forest In Summer (~19 megs)
Summer Night (~70 megs)
Murder of Crows (~6 megs)
Screech Owl and Coyote (~5 megs)
Sandhill Cranes Gathering (~4 megs)
Retreating Thunderstorm (~14 megs)
Trail 8 Waterfall (~35 megs)

Ritual Recordings

Full Moon Meditation (~13 megs)
Cavern Meditation (~26 megs)
Thirteen Affirmations Meditation with Mary Gaul, Ed.D - (~34 megs)
Rainbow Meditation with Mary Gaul, Ed.D (~34 megs)

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