About the Art

The Storm - Photo by Lē Weaver

My photos have been featured on several websites, in Christian Feminism Today, the 2013 "Risk of Faith" exhibition at Christian Theological Center, and in the 2011 StutzArtSpace exhibition "Social Currency."

Digitally creating and manipulating images is especally useful to me in times when I feel emotionally "stuck." When my feelings are running deep and strong, but I cannot approach them due to confusion, fear or shame, sometimes I am able to create a visual representation that serves to open the channel to understanding.

I enjoy photography and the digital manipulation of photographic images. I first got into this when I began making CD covers for the live recordings I was producing. Since then it's become something I do to exercise my creativity.

What I photograph changes with time. I am always interested in beautiful landscapes. I think they begin to hint at the expansive possibility of abundance and vitality available to us in all aspects of our lives. I also enjoy capturing difficult to identify images, those that require interpretation by the viewer. Recently I have been working more with the human form, attempting to learn how to capture essence in portraiture.


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