I'm No Warrior

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I'm no warrior. I just have no patience for fools.
There's such a short time left.
To learn how to love, to learn how to grieve, to learn how to trust what's here.

There's no loving, with fools.
They cannot see the tender child's heart, the tears just below the surface.
They cannot move gently in this world.

I'm no warrior. I simply left the fools to their battlefield.
But you linger.
You did not turn.

I saw a hundred crossroads, you described them all.
Ministering to the well tended.

I'm going to stand here, right off the road,
But back in the woods where I feel safe.
When you walk by again I'll quietly call your name. You'll hear me.
All you have to do is turn and walk right off the road.
I can show you these woods, you will heal here, after a while.
And when you do, you'll find a million of your own people
Watching for you,
Hoping that you have come to heal them.