My Wish

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I wish I could be there for you.
I wish you could let someone like me
Be there for someone like you.

But there are a million miles between here and there, between you and I.
And I cannot even remember what words to speak so that you might understand.
I cannot remember the melody to sing your kind of peace.
Because I can no longer fathom death as the enemy.
I can no longer believe we, in our fitful passage, reap a bitter harvest of sin.

And in my perfect vision of it all, my heart reaches out to you and you turn.
I am here, like a lightning rod stuck four feet into the ground.
You reach back to me
And I send this whirling dervish of confusion and anger
To ground.
And thus unburdened, you are able to
Lie comforted in Her arms.
She who is life
She who is death
She who is beauty
She who is ugliness
She who is love
She who is fear
But mostly
She who is you.